Friday, April 11, 2008

Female World Cup

Asuncion, Paraguay, Sunday April 6, 2008
"For us it is a great challenge"
Jordi Soto, representative of the government of Catalonia, was extremely satisfied with receiving the right to hold the first women futsal world cup in the mentioned Catalan city.
"It is for us an enormous challenge and a great satisfaction presenting/displaying our candidacy to lodge the first the women world cup", indicated Jordi to start with.
"We are able to deliver a great tournament, we are committed to the AMF to fulfill all the required conditions and for that reason we felt very proud to return to my country with this seat", added Soto, who was accompanied by Jose Zamora, director of the Catalan Futsal Federation, that is the one that will altogether organize the event with the government of Reus.
The games of the women world cup will be played in the Municipal Pavilion of Reus, that has a capacity for 3,500 spectators, with all the required amenities.On the other hand, Jose Zamora maintained that "the Catalans have organized great sport events and always were very successful. For that reason, we considered that the world cup is totally guaranteed.
We have been careful to obtain the support of the government and I believe that we counted on total endorsement.
From now on we are ready to receive all ".The President of the European Futsal Union, the Russian Valeiry Ahkumyan, as well, indicated that "the contest will be a great success".
Women's World Cup will go to ReusThe executive committee of the World-wide Association of Futsal (AMF) granted yesterday the seat of the first women world cup championship to the Catalan Futsal Federation during the meeting that was held in the sport residence Hakaranda of our capital.
The mentioned competition will be carried out from October 29 to September 5 of this year in the city of Reus, and will count on the participation of 12 countries.
The Catalan Federation counts with with the endorsement of the government of Reus for the accomplishment of the women's world cup and the project totally satisfied the members of the executive committee of the AMF, that is headed by the Paraguayan Rolando Alarcón Rios.
Jose Zamora, the representative of the Catalan Federation, and Jordi Soto, of the government of Reus, gave important details of the event.For the time being the participation of the selections of Catalonia (organizing), Russia, Australia, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela is practically assured.
The remaining teams would be completed by European representatives and one more South American, that could be Brazil or Bolivia.
The draw for the women's world cup will made on June 27 in Reus, the process will be witnessed by public notary, according to the Catalan representatives.Also, the AMF determined the dates of some matches in the present season or others for the next year.
In 2008 the Pan-American Cup for the Southern Zone will be played in the first two weeks of October in Mendoza, Argentina. The Northern Zone will be played later.
The Pan-American Cup finals will be played In Commodore Rivadavia in the first two weeks of November of this year. Casino (Argentina), Gomería Los Amigos (Paraguay), Estudiantes (Venezuela) and Piratas (Colombia) will participate.
The Uruguayan Federation tries to organize a South American competition at club level for the youth category 17/18, in the month of November, in Paloma, Rocha or Pando.
The Bolivian Federation, on the other hand, presented/displayed interest in organizing a South American championship of selections (it was not specified if it will be youth or adult), in the city of La Paz, date to be confirmed.In 2009, Russia wants to organize the second edition of the World Cup for the 5 Continents, that this time would be with 8 participants. The date will be announced later.
The Federation of Belarus is the only candidate, at the moment, to organize the X World Cup for men in 2011.The formal approval will done at the AMF meeting, that will be held between October 31 and November 2 in Asuncion.
Finally, the Federation of the Dutch Antilles will organize the Intercontinental Cup for Clubs (quadrangular end) in the city of Curacao.
The meeting of the AMF will conclude today, other subjects will be defined.

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