Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brazilian Women Nat. Team (AMF) to renounce to Reus World Cup.

Complaining against CBFS and FIFA influence in Brazil.
We report this press release by CNFS, the Brazilian futsal federation affiliated to AMF, about the women team renounce to take part in the Reus 2008 World Cup due to the lack of sponsorship needed in order to support the travel.
CNFS press release
- The CNFS National Confederation of Futsal comes by means of this, to communicate the AMF – World Futsal Association, that all the pressures oppose on the part of the FIFA making impracticable the participation of the Feminine Brazilian team " CNFS" , it comes being consummated.

The work that is developed in Brazil, in the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, the city of Cinnamon, counting on the support of the team " Futsal" panthers; that it comes carrying through to some months physical preparation, tactical and technique of the Female national team Brazilian Futsal of the CNFS and all the partnership of the City hall of Cinnamon more the possible one I assist financier of a group of local Brazilian companies, that would go to sponsor the Female Brazilian team (CNFS), was cancelled, therefore, on entities the FIFA and the powerful Globo visionTelevision, that is considered the greater televising sender of Brazil and that it is partner of the FIFA in the accomplishment of the World Cup FIFA 2008.
that it will happen enters days 30 of September and 19 of October of 2008, in the cities of Brasilia (DF) and Rio De Janeiro (RIO DE JANEIRO) in Brazil, it has carried through diverse campaigns against our participation in Guilty, divulging that World CUP Futsal for women
AMF - Guilty - 2008, is not a recognized official event for the FIFA, the richest esportiva entity of the Futsal in Brazil the C.B.F.S. Brazilian confederation of Soccer of http://www.cbfs.com.br/ Hall, divulges that only events FIFA are considered official, however, in all the instant the C.N.F.S. National confederation of Futsal and the C.B.E. Brazilian confederation of Sports communicated our possible sponsors and partners through meetings, telephonic linkings and e-mails, I contend the sites you officiate of the event http://www.reus08.cat/ of the AMF http://www.amfutsal.com.py/ , of the UEFS http://www.uefsfutsal.net/ of the FCFS http://www.futsal.cat/ , of that the event is supported and carried through inside of the rules of the AMF, successor of the FIFUSA.
Ahead of the false information of that female Wold cup (Reus 08) AMF - Guilty - 2008, is not an official event and of the economic force of these entities, our mount of money of sponsorship for the expenditures of the passports, insurance international health and airplane tickets of all the Brazilian Delegation of Futsal Female
(CNFS) had not been effected, that is, none of the possible sponsors and partners wants to conflict with the FIFA and the Net Globe of Television in Brazil. The Federal Government of Brazil, repassed the C.B.F.S. Brazilian confederation of Soccer of Hall (FIFA) the financial importance of R$ 25.250.500, 00 (twenty and five million, two hundred and fifty a thousand e five hundred Reals), for the World-wide FIFA of Futsal 2008, therefore, recognizes this event as official, given to the force and domain of futsal FIFA in Brazil.
Although the CNFS National Confederation of futsal, is legally registered in our Ministry of the http://portal.esporte.gov.br/ Sport in Entities of the Sport and the World Cup Female of Futsal AMF " Réus" 2008 are consisting officially in the national calendar http://portal.esporte.gov.br/snear/cdn/infoEntidades.jsp?identidade=211 for the Female national team of Brazil (CNFS) going to female Wold Cup of futsal AMF - Guilty 2008, that it is not recognizes for the FIFA, no sponsorship was yielded by the Federal Government of Brazil.

Ahead of these lamentable presented facts and the pressures suffered on the part from the FIFA National Confederation stops with entities CNFS,CBE Brazilian Confederation of Sports, athlete, " possíveis" sponsors and partners and given the total absence of sponsorship, we communicate that, at this moment in we find them disabled to travel Guilty and to participate of World Cup of Futsal AMF - Guilty - 2008. We will legalize this official notice to Mr. Josep Zamora Maria, president of the Catalan Federation of futsal and to the President of the Organizador Committee in the person of Mr. Joan Anton Verge Guarch, who officialized the invitation the Feminine Brazilian national team of CNFS National Confederation of futsal. We place it the disposal. Yours truly,
Gina Angels
General coordinator of the C.B.E & C.N.F.S.
Latest news: Belgium National team (ABFS) will replace Brazil.

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