Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paraguay ready for the Wolrd Cup:

In a ceremony performed at the residence Hakaranda sports, the president of the Paraguayan Futsal Federation (FPFS), Rolando Alarcon Rios, topped the official presentation of the members of the national team women's futsal, that from 29 September to Oct. 5 will compete in the Championship World Cup. The first futsal event for women will be held in Reus, Catalonia, and also involve Russia, Galicia, Belgium, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Argentina, Italy, Australia, Spain, Czech Republic and Colombia .
The selected compatriot integrates the group C, along with Italy and Australia. The debut will be at the Italian, 29 September, while the second match will be against Australia on October 1. The stock (whose members appear on the graphics on this page), which will be headed by a top-level coaching staff, including Luis Martin Barrientos (DT), Eladio Baez (adviser) and Juan Carlos Tabarelli (PF) , Has been prepared for nearly two months, with intense and demanding training, as the group's objective is to sitiales of privilege in the tournament ecumenical.
"To the FPFS today is a special day because we are presenting to selected to represent us in the first world. We are proud that Paraguay is present at the event and believe that the group is with a great spirit, "began saying Alarcon Rios. The leader added that "the event promises a great level and I think this group will give a lot to talk, because the preparation was the best and with a lot of responsibility."

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