Friday, February 13, 2009


Peruvian association organizes the Summer CUP 2009
The Peruavian Association of Futsal, affiliated to the Association Futsal (Association(AMF) and presided over by Gustavo Rubio Therese, organizes the Summer Cup 2009, with the participation of eight teams. The match will begin in the course of the month of February and the first meeting of delegates announces for the 17th of the current month. The teams that will take part from the referred contest is:Deporcentro Casuarinas, Villa Jardín, Salas Contratistas, Estudiantes FutSal Club, TecSur, CD Renacimiento, Junior's y Villa People..
In the meeting of delegates, that will take place out Street Tomasal 1145, Santiago de Surco, of Lima, details of the event will be completed, like the fixation of the exact date of beginning, form of dispute and the programming of games.
The tournament promises a technical high level, considering that Peru always has been good entertainer in the world championships organized by the administration of the AMF, that the Paraguayan Dr. Rolando Alarcón Rios presides.
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