Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pan-American Champions Clubs of South Zone:

Paraguay will organize Pan-American Champions Clubs of South Zone.
The Paraguayan Federation of Futsal (FPFS) today confirmed in Asuncion the dispute of the Pan-American Championship of Clubs of the South Zone, that will count on the participation of seven teams that will represent Paraguay (2), Argentina (2), Uruguay (1), Brazil (1) and Bolivia (1).
The match will be carried out from the 20 to the 24 of April of 2009 in a place to be confirmed, although it is mentioned that it could be in the facilities of the Club Promotion of Working District, located in one of the most populated districts of the Paraguayan capital and where the futsal has much drag, according to indicated the Secretary General of the FPFS, Julio Notario.
Until the moment already three names of the seven teams are know, that will take part from the important event. One is Gomería Amigos and Simon Bolivar, both of Paraguay, and Casino Club of Commodore Rivadavia, Argentina. The others will be known in the course of the next weeks, informed Notario.
The Paraguayan teams already began with the preparatory works, with the aim of arriving in the best physical training conditionses and technical so that when the match begins, that according to Notario promises " great nivel" , as it has accustoms the traditional futsal, nowadays guaranteed by the World Futsal Association (AMF), presided over by the Paraguayan leader Rolando Alarcón Rios. Meanwhile, the Executive Committee of the Paraguayan Federation of Futsal comes reuniting to complete details of the contest.

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