Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eurofutsal under 21 (Update 27/11)

The European futsal championship for men up to 21 years of age has started. On the first playing day, the Belgian national team maybe surprisingly but totally deservedly defeated the Russian national team by a score of 5:2 with the whole match being dominated by Belgian technique and discipline.

In the second match of the day, the Czech republic defeated France. The Czechs were losing 0:1 shortly after the match had started, but then they got into it and managed to turn the score by goals by Weinhard and Bednar and thus win 2:1.

Results of the games:


Russia - Belgium 2:5


Czech Republic - France 2:1

Photo: Czech Rep vs France


The Catalonian national team has introduced itself yesterday. They managed to defeat the Russian contingent by a score of 2:1, with the key goal being shot in a quick break during the 34th minute. The originator of Catalonian succes was in particular their excellent goalkeeper Bonilla.

The evening match was then played by the Czech and Belgian teams, the two teams who untill then had scored fully. The Czech chaps managed to win 1:0 by a tactically mellow performance based on precise defense and therefore they now dominate the chart.

Russia - Catalonia 1:2

26th November 2009 - Thursday

France - Russia 3-2

Games for today:

27th November 2009 - Friday

Catalonia - Czech Republic

Belgium - France


Catalonia 6

Czech Republic 6

Belgium 3

France 3

Russia 0

Photo: Catalonia vs Russia

Photo: Catalonia vs Belgium

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