Friday, November 13, 2009

Futsal Belgium:

Currently standing of the 1st National League of Belgium

1.Rolini Koersel17
2.Amigo Schepdaal15
3.Luminus Boussu13
4.GS Citi Hoboken12
5.Cormed ZG Leuven11
7.CKB Puurs10
8.Demiglia Dour10
9.ZVL Landen9
10.ZVC Hoeselt 5
11. MF Namur 5
12. Barca Ottignies 5
13. MFC Cos Manage 2
14. Joma Jette 1

After 9 games of the maxium category of the belgian futsal league ROLINI KOERSEL is the leader without lossing any game.

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