Saturday, January 30, 2010

Information France:

The city council of Cannes, gives the name of Amador Lopez, to a street of the mentioned city.
Amador Lopez, was one of the creators of the futsal in France, member of the AJC, arriving to be member of honor from FIFUSA and one of the founders of the French Federation of Futsal, inherited by the present UNCFs,
Letter of Mr. Jean-Marc Lopez, directed for the attention of Delegate-Mayor Mr. Bernard BROCHAND.
Mr. Mayor, Mrs and Ms in the elect Positions, I am thankful for the immense honor that you give to all my family baptizing with the name of our father this new street, symbol of geographic and human opening and symbol to them of projection in the future. Yet what our Father always has believed.
Jean-Marc Lopez President of the National Commission of women and Young people of UNCFs

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