Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Official belgian roster to Eurofutsal 2010:

As reported on Belgian Futsal Federation Official Web Site, the ABFS has released the official roster selected for the Eurofutsal 2010, to begin May in Russia.

Name / Team /Category on the Belgian league
AGA Guy/ ZVL Landen 1 Nationale
AKAJOUA Karim /GS Hoboken 1 Nationale
BEAUDOT Gaëtan MF Namur 1 Nationale
BREPOELS Timmy ZG Leuven 1 Nationale
DAHBI Samir B. Ottignies 1 Nationale
DANTINNE Nicolas MM Wavre 2 Nationale B
DURIC Semir ZG Leuven 1 Nationale
HEREMANS Yves Amigo Schepdaal 1 Nationale
HOSTE Mario ZVL Landen 1 Nationale
LENOIR Jimmy D. Dour 1 Nationale
LEMAIRE Anthoine M. Boussu 1 Nationale
MIGNOLET Joost ZG Leuven 1 Nationale
PEETERS Davy ZVC Leopoldsburg 1 Nationale
SERGEANT Kenny Amigo Schepdaal 1 Nationale
VAN DEN EYNDE Steve ZG Leuven 1 Nationale
VERHANNEMAN Olivier GS Hoboken 1 Nationale
VERMEIREN Kurt ZVC Leopoldsburg 1 Nationale
20/02/10 Friendly game Belgium vs France, prepration game for the eurofutsal 2010

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