Monday, April 19, 2010

Panamerican Cup South Zone

Juancito Pesquera (Argentina) became the new continental champion, after winning on the final the Club Regatas mendoza (Argentina), with 1 goal in the extra time, the final result was 3-3, and with a 9 metets foult in the extra time, Pesquera won the final.
The sorprise was that for the first time in many years no Paraguayan team was on the final.

Participants teams:

Pesquera Juancito (Argentina)
Sportivo José Meza (Paraguay)
Simon Bolivar (Paraguay)
Ford Club Sao Paolo ( Brasil)
Regatas de Mendoza (Argentina)
Futsi Santiago (Chile)
Futsal Talcahuano (Chile)
Alianza FS (Uruguay)

Photo: Juancito Pesquera

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