Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trujillanos going for the title today in the Merconorte Cup

XXXI Panamerican Cup North zone
Trujillanos stem-wood had no problems lie rout the other team that goes undefeated in the tournament is reality for the Zulia Students who won to Casanare Team of Colombia with marker 5 goals to 4

The goal of reaching the knockout round against Paraguay sets of Mercosur is already a reality for Futsal Trujillanos team considering journey of yesterday's all hammered home by 7 0 to its similar in Canada and reached 12 points remain unbeaten having to define the title on this day.

The other team that goes undefeated in the tournament is the set of Zulia Students who won again yesterday but this time in a loss to the picture of Casanare in Colombia with marker 5 goals to 4 showing a candidate to give the fight alongside the whole of Trujillo at the pictures Paraguay, scored in that match players Felix Rodriguez runs twice in the 38th minute, Eduardo Araujo scored in the fraction 18, Argenis Argüello the 13th minute and Wilfredo Figueroa, 39, on the side Colombian FONTECHA Rosenverth scored at 15 and 21, Diomedes Child at 28 and Carlos Aristizábal in the 29th. Early in the Netherlands Antilles box got his first victory against the French side of Ecuador Sport 4 goals to 1, in the duel goals were Bruvek Mervin 5-minute, Lugn Hoyer in fraction 7, Ashar Bernardus at minute 30 and Clifford Braafhart to 37, by Ecuadorians Paul Pobeda discounted at minute 16.

Trujillanos stun again

The Futsal Trujillanos once again made itself felt on the court of Romulo Ramirez with a new rout taking as a victim on this occasion the whole of Canada Toronto FS final score of 7 points to zero in a duel for the third night run where are figures Luis Caceres and Ludwig Vivas who by the way with two goals is the solo leader board Merconorte Cup goal scorers. The score of the entire house were scored by the 14th minute Achilles Macias, Eduardo Viloria at 19, Ludwig Vivas in sections 27 and 35 games and Luis "Asprillita" Caceres in the minutes 37, 39 and 40.
The situation presented here is that Merconorte Cup and teams of Zulia Trujillanos Students are in the heat Futsal teams Mercosur entity because both clubs are undefeated and will be the faces in this last day to decide the title only the other sets have nothing to look. Is to be congratulated for organizing the event by its success and also the great coverage offered by the media especially the radio transmission Kerigma 94.7 FM with the voices of Frank Graterol. Francisco Graterol Vargas, Angel Moreno, Carlos Paredes and address of the priest Emiro Suarez.

Today is the Last day
In today's last day will be played this Merconorte Cup championship where only two teams will search the title, it is students of Zulia and Futsal Trujillanos who meet at 11 am, prior to this matchup will be measured Ecuador against Colombia at nine in the morning and then Canada and the Netherlands Antilles at 10 am in games of pure formality.

So goes the Merconorte

Trujillanos Futsal (Ven) 4 4 0 0 22 4 +18 12

Estudiantes del Zulia (Ven) 4 4 0 0 21 6 +15 12
Club Casanare (Col) 4 1 1 2 15 12 +03 04
Club San Lucas (Ant H.) 4 1 1 2 09 10 -01 04

Toronto Futsal (Can) 4 0 1 2 03 20 -17 01
Franco Sport Club (Ecu) 4 0 1 3 03 21 -18 01

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