Thursday, September 3, 2009

XXXI Panamerican North Zone:


Venue: Gymnasium "Romulo Ramirez”, St. Louis, Valera, Trujillo State, Venezuela

Opening ceremony

A big party was yesterday at the gym, "Romulo Ramirez of San Luis, a spectacle worthy of an international event. The audience filled the stage Trujillanos Futsal game and thanked him for adding his first win. Today repeat at 7 against Netherlands Antilles.

A real party night is spent in the gym yesterday Romulo Ramirez San Luis booting “Merconorte Cup” where teams see action Canada, Netherlands Antilles, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela Students Futsal Trujillanos Zulia and which precisely began with a great 3 for 2 victory to Casanare in Colombia.

The day began with a duel between Toronto FS Canada and the Ecuadorian team Franco Sport, finished tied that commitment to a goal demonstrated a high level and a close game from start to finish, scored by Canadian Joseph Motta while on the Ecuadorian tied Jose Yepez.

Photo: Trujillo futsal vs Sant Lucas

Students airy

The Venezuelan team also debuted Zulia Students gain from this important event where it seeks to pass before the two premundial best team in the Mercosur area, table 3 for 1 zuliano thrashed his opponent's team turn the Netherlands Antilles, by the table Creole captain scored Jhonny Marin in whole or twice and the third Zulia goal was an own goal from player Grifon Frajan, precisely the same Frajan who scored the discount would be Netherlands Antilles.
Trujillanos stand and won The home team, the Futsal Trujillanos closed the day with a interesting win 3 goals by 2 goals against the team from Colombia Casanare Fs in a match that showed a picture Trujillo inspired and eager especially in the first half when he fell into despair at the table, neogranadino who conceded two goals at minute 5 and 9 `through Ludwig Vivas, conducted a discount from the Freddy Moreno fraction 18, the local third goal came later in the 19th minute by through Roberto Garcia.

In the second half things looked difficult for all home team since Colombia came more willing to turn the presence marker, were noted precisely this desire to appear after the Colombia's second goal 28 minutes through Carlos Aristizábal Colombia thereafter seek by all means but Table Trujillo knew how to work and never despaired maintenance 3 A 2 to the end.

Reggie opening

Before the battle between Venezuela and Colombia held the inaugural which was in style taking into account that there had to present fireworks both on the outside as on the inside Gym Like Romulo Ramirez and similar a shower of confetti that gave colour to the parade of participating teams with their respective queens, this act took the floor in the first place President of the Venezuelan Futsal Federation Carlos Briceño who spoke about the expected success in this international event and the joy he feels for the reception that has been given to the event. More Exhar Balza later intervened to congratulate the organizers of the event and wish the best of luck to the participating teams. The attraction of the night put the selection of gymnastics Trujillo presented a good show with a large presence of athletes.

Games Today: For today's action will start at five in the afternoon with the duel between Toronto Casanare in Colombia and then to Canada Futsal 6 in the afternoon, students would be seeing the faces of Zulia Franco Sport Venezuela and Ecuador, will close the day at 7 pm Venezuela Trujillanos Futsal and the Club San Lucas Netherlands Antilles mach.

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