Monday, September 7, 2009

XXXI Panamerican north zone.

Futsal Trujillanos codifies the best of the Northern Zone

In a game not for the Trujillanos Futsal heart was crowned the best club in North America Zone football lounge in the final by beating defending champion, Estudiantes del Zulia with a 4-3 scorer.
A party that existed from early in the Gym "Romulo Ramirez sports city that rounded out the evening with a local triumph inspired Luis" Fastest "Frias who scored a "hat trick" plus an own goal that ended Trujillanos lifting the Cup" Socialist government of Trujillo State"in this 31st Pan-American Championship AMF futsal.

Give and take worthy of a final
No doubt if he had planned this way we would not have been so, a beautiful final where both teams showed the high level of the Futsal WFA of Venezuela.
Argenis Argüello the 6th minute of the match opened the scoring by the visitors, the gym was silent, but only for a minute when he got the equalizer in the boots of Luis Toro, the "racing". For the '18 shot by Luis "Asprillita" Caceres goal becomes entangled with the ball at the defender Wilfredo Figueroa in his attempt to clear put it against, thus culminating the first 20 minutes.

After the snap was all suspense until the last second, again at 6 but the second time Angel Pereda put the 2-2 on the board, ten minutes later at 2-3 through Felix Rodriguez in the final minute but the home box defining the engagement ended, the tie with a shot from above that Toro could do nothing about the absence of goalkeeper zuliano 15 seconds a move masterful "Asprillita" Caceres that between a defender and the keeper is cast to receive lacking Although it entered the ball, penalty kick that man did not waste the afternoon, Luis Toro, halfway up to the left of the arcade of Zulia.
A goal that lifted the thousand or so people who filled the coliseum of Futsal in the region. "El Bolido" was removed to take off the flannel in the goal celebrations but the work was done. Trujillanos was champion.

Eudo Villalobos, technical student, finished running from the stands to get blue card.
Third-placed Colombia
The club confirmed that Casanare in Colombia is the best foreign team in this Cup, beating Merconorte Franco Sports Club 6-2 with a trio of goals by Carlos Aristizábal to dedicate the event scorer with 8 goals. The neogranadinos were third.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Futsal Canada was the surprise of the day to win 3-2 at St. Luke Club of Netherlands Antilles 3-2 to retain fourth place in the event.
In the end he gave the closing and awards the tournament with the presentation of the Merconorte song in the voice of the beautiful Andean Dawn Doris Suarez and her girls, directed by Arnaldo and production Morillo Hector Suarez.
Individual prizes were awarded, and Aristizabal goals champion, Deivid Villegas of Trujillanos Futsal as the best goalkeeper.

Carlos Briceño, president of the Venezuelan Football Federation of Chamber and representative of the World Association, and Exhar Balza, director of sports of the region were ordered to turn over the medals and trophies to the teams.
David Captain Balza Villegas received the championship trophy to cap a historic moment in sport Trujillo.
Now we are on the Worldcup.
Venezuelan the football world champion has been through the quality of rooms, in that rich history now goes to seek his Trujillanos Futsal World quota to Russia next year, along with students will battle for the quota to the Paraguayans Friends of Incarnation and the Universidad Simon Bolívar, one and two of the Mercosur.

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