Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great news from Africa, soon Futsal in Africa:

News from African Confederation of Futsal (CAFUSA):

Dear Colleagues,

As we regularly mention, our main objective is the futsal development in Africa. And we step forward with the declaration of intention sent in January by the African federations/associations. [Mali – Ivory coast – Senegal – Cameroon – Rwanda & DR Congo]

Those structures are currently finalizing the administrative part for their affiliation to the AMF, except DR Congo that its already a member.

The major difficulties they meet are :
duration of the administrative local process ;
resistance of the FIFA structures to their development ;
source of finance for their projects.

Since that January, we were contacted by representatives from : Burundi, Ethiopia that formally indicated they will start the process to be affiliated to the AMF.

Serious contacts are also existing with Algeria, Angola, Morocco and Zambia.

Each associations/federations will indicate precisely their national situation in their request to affiliation. Most of those structures currently organize futsal through schools or administrations at the basic level with tournaments or championships.

We all agreed the fact an African tournament for male national selections will be organized in September 2010.

The basic individual and global needs are currently in evaluation and will lead to the futsal program African federations/associations need to develop.

Best regards,

M. Nakwalekwenale Doli
Mob. +32-499-259323

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