Wednesday, December 2, 2009

X World Cup Futsal

World Cup, Colombia 2011 March 17th to 25th.

The X Futsal Wold Cup, that will be organized by the Colombian Federation of futsal, to be disputed from the 17 to the 25 of March of 2011, was determined according the Congress of the World Futsal Association (AMF), carried out Saturday 28 of November in the Hakaranda residence of Asuncion, Paraguay.

The ecumenical cup will count on the participation of 16 countries, including the organizer Colombia and the current champion Paraguay. The other teams will be determited by the qualifying contests, Especially of the European zone, that will have 5 places.
The drawing of groups will carry out the 18 of June in the city of Bogota, where the president of the AMF will be present.

The Colombian Federation of Futsal was represented by its own president, Juan Manuel Sanchez, who explained in detail on the works that come realising for the organization from the X World Cup, in company of the ex- president, Don Jaime Arroyave. The World Cup contest will take the name of " Don Jaime Arroyave" , like tribute to the leader who has given much to the futsal of Colombian , for more than 25 years, Sanchez informed in addition who eight cities will be you soothe of the championship and that the great end will dispute the 25 of March in Bogota.

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