Monday, December 28, 2009

the report of the first futsal Kyrgyzstan Cup

The report about the futsal competition the Cup of Kyrgyzstan .

The Cup of Kyrgyzstan was hold during the 3.10.09. to 5.10.09. in Bishkek. The place of event was the Sport Hall of the Administration of the Kyrgyzstan President affairs.

The participants were: ”Batken”(c.Batken),”Barbulack”(Yssyk Kul region),”Bishkek – 09”(Bishkek) ,”Zhalyn”(Bishkek).
The competition was played by round system.

Batken”(c.Batken)-“Barbulack”(Yssyk Kul region) 3-4
“Bishkek-09”(c.Bishkek) – “Zhalyn”(Bishkek) 1-12
“Barbulack”(Yssyk Kul region) – ”Zhalyn”(Bishkek ) 1-6
”Batken”(c.Batken) –“ Bishkek – 09”(Bishkek) 4-4
”Bishkek – 09”(Bishkek) – “Barbulack”(Yssyk Kul region) 3-6
“Zhalyn”(Bishkek) –“Batken”(Batken) 2-4

1-st place “Zhalyn”(Bishke
2-nd place “Barbulack”(Yssyk Kul region)
3-d place 'Batken' (Batken)
Best striker of the tournament Abykeev(‘Zhalyn’)
Best goalkeeper- Borubaev Adyl (‘Batken’)
Best forward – Kemelov Kanat “ Barbulack”.
Best player of the tournament – Abykeev (‘Zhalyn’).

A lot of thanks to the president of Kyrgyzstan Futsal Federation Kochkorov Almazbeck ,vice-president of federation Saparov Abdirazak ,chief manager Zhogorku Kenesha Kalykov Melis for the active participation in the organization of the First Cup of Kyrgyzstan.

The sponsor of the tournament Kochkorov Ulugbek.

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