Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plenary Meeting of the Executive Committee of the AMF

Asuncion, Paraguay--The UN and UNESCO has recognized the World Futsal Association and the sport of Futsal as an ethical and non-violent sport in the service of Peace, the Executive Committee of the AMF were told at its Plenary Meeting, presided by the organization's President, Mr. Rolando Alarcon Rios.
Attending national representatives included: Valeriy Ahkumyan (Russia), President of the Union Europea de Futsal (UEFS), Luis Pena (Spain), Jaime Arroyave Rendon (Colombia), Pedro Bonnettini (Argentina), Carmelo Paz (Bolivia), Carlos Briceno (Venezuela), Juan Probaos (Spain), Wilfrido Coffi (Curazao), Hugo Pomies (Uruguay), Jose Maria Cirigliano (Argentina), Victor Medina (Canada) and Daniel Cerros (Canada). The General Secretary of the AMF and President of the Confederacion Argentina de Futsal (CAFS), Mr. Pedro Bonnettini, announced the international partnership between AMF and GSA with the objective of promoting real sportsmanship, increasing environmental awareness and action, in the creation of a sustainable society.
During the AMF`s Plenary Meeting, the Ecoflag flew with the AMF flag symbolizing the international partnership!!

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