Wednesday, May 14, 2008

XII UEFS CUP (Semifinals):

Today the teams CHEMCOMEX Praha (Czech Rep.) MORA La Nova(Catalonia) NIZHNAJA VOLGA Saratov and ALMAZ ALROSA Mirnyj (both from Russia) will play for a place in the final, the favorite is Almaz Alrosa, but no one its in the final until the game its end.
Program for today:
15,00 o 7th and 8th place - FENIX Neratovice vs FLASH EXPRESS Nimes 4:3
16,30 o 5th and 6th place - CFS La Garriga vs PIAST Nowa Ruda 2:0
18,00 - 1.semifinal(1B vs 2A) - CHEMCOMEX Praha vs MORA La Nova 12:1
19,30 - 2.semifinal(2B vs 1A) - NIZHNAJA VOLGA Saratov vs ALMAZ ALROSA Mirnyj 1:2

Picture: Juventut Esportiva Mora La nova (Terres Ebre, Catalonia)

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