Monday, May 19, 2008

UEFS Veteran Cup: (Updated Everyday the results)

UEFS Veterans Cup(Czech Republic - Prague)

Date : 19-25 of May 2008
Six teams are taking part on this competition:
  • ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk (Russia)
  • HADEGA (Israel)
  • ALMAZ ALROSA Mirnyj (Russia)
  • VETERÁNI Praha (Cezch Republic)
  • Llivia veteranos (Catalonia)
  • Vikov Budejovice (Czech Republic)
16.00 ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk (Russia) vs HADEGA (Israel) 4:1
18.00 ALMAZ ALROSA Mirnyj (Russia) vs VETERÁNI Praha (Czech Republic) 4:5
ZORKIJ Krasnogorsk (Russia) vs Vikov Budejovice (Czech Republic) 2:2
Veterani Praha vs Llivia 14:2
Hadera vs Vikov Dudejovice 2:3

Photo: Team from Cezch republic in the last UEFS veteran Cup held in Lloret de Mar (Catalonia) year 2.007

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