Saturday, November 3, 2007


The Peruvian Federation of Futbol (FPF) decided to adopt sanctioning measures to players, technical staff and/or aids and leaders who participate in matches organized by any organization not recognized by FIFA and CONMEBOL (in particular the mentioned AMF). On the matter, the FPF determined that those players, technical body and/or aids and leaders who participate in international matches of clubs and/or national selections of futsal or another denomination, organized by the PANAFUTSAL and/or the AMF, will be disqualified for a period of 12 months for their future participation in the official Championships of Futsal FIFA, of national and international character, as well as disaffiliates for all their effects of the National System of Registry of Players of the FPF or other registries of the own FPF, that is to say, they could not either play in football teams that participate in Peru Cup, Second Division and/or professional soccer. Also, it stresses that in case of reoccurrence, the suspension will be infinitive. According to the FPF, those players, technical staff and/or aids and leaders can only participate in official matches of FIFA who are affiliated with the National System of Registry of the Peruvian Federation of Soccer.

Letter from Johan Goliador:

Gentlemen of Futsal,As you know I am an independent Futsal Fanatic, but I think that now the FIFA is crossing the line.I have spoken with some international lawyers regarding this matter and according to them You guys can sue the Federation of Futbol Peruano and the FIFA in general. They can forbid professional to do so but NOT amateurs. If the AMF federation sent an official letter to FPF with a warning of suing the FPF I think they will back out of this ridiculer decision . At least they make a rectification and say that this is applicable to professionals only not for amateurs. Besides this the Whole country of PERU will be in disgrace in the eyes of the WORLD by accepting that an official federation makes such a DISCRIMINATING dessicion. I am willing to help boycott any tourist and any sport activity to PERU in the future if the FPF does not change this DISCRIMINATING attitude. The AMF has all the same rights as the FIFA if we are talking about amateurs.I will direct a copy of this opinion also to the United Nations and to the FIFA head quarters. Please translate this and forward it please to all AMF members so they know that there are people ( with power) behind them.Johan Goliador

I.F. free speach: Thats the famous fair play from FIFA? Can be ilegal to play futsal? Why the RFEF( spanish football federation) did the same with players from the Catalonian national team?

We believe in the original futsal, the 1930 futsal!!!!!!!!