Friday, November 2, 2007

Interwiew National coach from Catalonia:

Photo: Juan Antoni Fernandez i Mate
Photo: National team from Catalonia.

This weekend Independent Futsal, had the pleasure to make a few questions, to Juan Antoni Fernandez i Mate, the National coach from Catalonia.
IF: How long have you been the national coach?
J.A: Soon will be my second year.
IF:Best moment with this team?
J.A: The final againts Russia in the Eurofutsal 2006, and when we won againts Spain in the World Cup among National Teams in Russia, I will never forget this 2 games.
IF: About the qualification games in Poland?
J.A: Is going to be very hard for us to get ahead, we know Belarus and is very strong, Sant Helen is a very good team, and they play really good futsal, was a shame that they were not qualificated for the last World Cup in Mendoza. About Polnad we dont have any information, but they are playing at home so they will be a hard team as well.
IF: About last World Cup in Argentina (Mendoza)?
J.A: Sometimes a team does not play as good as they can, that was our problem, was our first World Cup, and the players were nervous, so we lost 2 games, that if we have the chance to play again, can be really diferent games. Also the south american teams, are playing a good futsal.
IF: Free speach for you:
J.A: I want to thenk the organization from Argentina and Russia, for the really good work they did. A.M.F. and U.E.F.S in the last years has improve, that our futsal is develop in the right way.

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