Thursday, November 29, 2007

News from Uruguay:

Photo Mr. Juan Carlos Ceriani (Uruguay 1907-1996)

Memorial for Mr. Juan Carlos Ceriani in Uruguay.

The city of Montevideo, decides to call a street with the name of "Profesor Juan Carlos Ceriani" father of the futsal, the street will take place near to the legendary stadium" Estadio Centenario", this info sendid by Gabriel Delmonte, president of the CSFS (Confedración Sudamericana de Futsal)

In the 5th aniversary of the dead, the city of Montevideo will give a street to the father of the futsal-Futbol de Salon.

The profesor Ceriani, in 1930, starts the futsal, he wrote the first general rules of this sport.

We are happy for this good news.

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